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Over the decades, we have acquired a profound knowledge of market risk management.

We are so able to offer the best possible advice.

The project experiences, different cultures and the demand for continuous development through targeted research and knowledge development are the guarantee that we can stay in this area as state-of-the-art.

Our independent consulting approach is supported responsibly by the successful principle of value-added partnership.

Our proven philosophy is not only a question of culture, but it gives our clients a clearly measurable and verifiable added value.


  • We support banks, insurance companies, funds, etc. in the implementation of regulatory and internal business requirements.
  • Global acting corporates (transaction risk) and corporates with foreign currency exposure in the balance sheet (translation risk) are affected by changes in exchange rates. We support this from the development to the implementation of its risk strategy.
  • But even companies or private persons who carry out any transactions in foreign currencies (economic risk), must deal with the market price fluctuations (volatility). We help these offered by our internal and external seminars.
  • Overlay Management: We evaluate the best program for you.
  • Development of corporate risk and hedging strategies and implementation

Take advantage of our many years of experience!