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MATHS FinTech Solutions


MATHS (long: Moser Alpha Trading and Hedging Strategies) is a methodology for the sophisticated currency management. The price movements and the best execution are the focus. Applications include the trading, hedging and foreign currency exchange.


The Financial Technology MATHS is a fully electronic and platform-independent system with access to all standard API interfaces.


Components of MATHS FinTech Solutions

  • Forecasting insights: Advance analysis, calculation, simulation, sensitivity analysis and optimization
  • Fully automated trading and hedging system: The numerous customizing functions - solid logic and systematics - lend MATHS FinTech high mobility. It can be an infinite number of strategies developed. Quasi a digital factory.
  • Rule-based signal generator: Increase the hit rate for forecasts.
  • Best execution features
  • Effective risk management

The MATHS Suite is a collaboration of the best technologies that bring customers the maximum benefit.
This includes the in-house solutions by Moser Alpha.

The uppermost guiding principle: financial innovation and digital transformation.


Talk to us about the possibilities of MATHS FinTech Solutions!